Divorce Organization Kit
See Dick and Jane Tell

Colleen Honquest

Overwhelm. Stress. Paperwork.

That is what I remember about dealing with all of the legal and financial paperwork during my divorce. Keeping track of all of your legal and financial documents can quickly become a part-time job that can add to your overall stress level during divorce.

Who has time to keep all of your legal documents organized and in a place? No one. Don’t put your pain in a pile!

I went through a divorce a few years ago, and I quickly realized how fast the legal and financial papers pile up. The ‘Feng Shui’ in my house was being sucked up by all of those papers.

This is how the idea for my first product came about.

Bring Order to the Chaos

The “See Dick and Jane Get Divorced” Organizational Kit changes everything. Our collapsible box and organizational tools within will help you to put every piece of paper where you can find it easily:

  • A sturdy, collapsible box with File Folders
  • 300+ Parenting and Calendar Appointment stickers
  • File labels for all of your legal and financial paperwork
  • An 8.5”x11” Calendar Notepad with tear-off sheets for documentation and weekly appointment tracking
  • A Portable Accordion File for transporting important documents to court or to meetings with your lawyer

Your lawyer will request: 3 years of W2s, 3 years of bank statements, and 3 years of taxes, if Discovery is needed. In addition, you will have Motions, Correspondence, and Court Orders to keep in order.

Stay organized and stay sane. Keep your documents all in one place. Not in the middle of your kitchen table or in the corner of your living room. Come on. Take back your space. Not only the space in your house but also the space in your head.

Divorce Organizational Kit